Central Bank Digital Currencies

Bitcoin Dollars

Digital Banks and Cryptocurrencies – The Inescapable Reality

The world’s most popular word today should be “digital banking and cryptocurrency.” Isn’t true? You must have been reading digital banking trends, cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin buzz, blockchain innovations – what else? We are all on the same page. The craziest and hottest topics, digital banking and cryptocurrency, showing significant numbers to businesses and helping individuals explore new fintech space. The…

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Central Bank Digital Currency

Central Governments on the CBDCs: A Big Move

With the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, digital central bank currencies (CBDCs) are becoming increasingly popular among global financial institutions. Around the world, CBDCs for wholesale use in financial markets are growing, with countries represented in different stages of CBDC development from research and testing to market launch. Among world powers and major countries, China is leading the race…

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Central Bank Digital Currencies: A New Era Begins with CBDC

The way we saw making payments a decade ago is different from today. Fast-forward to 2021; new technologies have utterly transformed the payments space. We swapped cash for cards. Payment service providers such as Visa and Mastercard have become an integral part of our daily lives. We are shopping online and paying electronically. We discovered PayPal, Apple Pay, and Alipay…

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