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women investor in cryptocurrency

The Rise Of Women Investors In Crypto Market

While the world believes in “financial freedom,” It is relatively easy or often to notice equality on this topic called “financial equality” among all genders. It has always been men’s space. From physical cash to digital currency or cryptocurrency, men ruled it. For a change, in this 21st century, we began to see women walk into the finance space. From…

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bitcoin trend in 2021

The Trend of Bitcoin Goes On and On!

Bitcoin is everything we wanted now! All the eyes on it. A few pronounce that the most popular cryptocurrency has no future and is dead. And its defenders say that its value will soon skyrocket up to 10, 100, or a thousand times more. What is reality? Bitcoin is around 12 years old. Of which only a few could estimate…

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Women in Cryptocurrency

The Top 10 Influential Women in Crypto World

In 2020, Cointelegraph discovered that the number of female crypto users developed by 160% on most of the top crypto trades. Hence, we should definitely take this opportunity to commend the innovative women’s interest in the crypto space.  Cheers to the smartness, braveness, and boldness! We’ve jotted down the list of the leading women today: CEOs, Founders, Reporters, Chairpersons, and…

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Beginners guide to bitcoin

A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized digital cryptocurrency and payment system, launched in 2009 by an anonymous creator known as Satoshi Nakamoto. “Cryptocurrency” refers to digital assets where exchanges are secured and authenticated utilizing cryptography – a scientific practice of encoding and decoding information. Those exchanges are put away on a network of computers distributed worldwide through…

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Initial Coin Offering

The pros and cons of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Well, you have got an amazing startup with a cool idea to create a new cryptocurrency space. Maybe, streamlining the digital payment system for a fashion hub with encrypted and authenticated processes. So, for instance, let’s name it as GlamourCoin. But to create a digital currency, you need real money. The traditional way to raise capital is to try getting…

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List of Countries Where Cryptocurrency is Legal and Illegal

It is no wonder that soon we will all hold blockchain assets or digital assets, also popularly known as cryptocurrencies. Digital assets have modernized the way we live and the way we pursue business. In recent months, the virtual currency has left analysts and investors stunned. There have been questions about its existence, also potential bubbles on its presence. A…

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When Is The Right Time To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Amidst incredible profits, of course, the question is whether it is too late to invest in cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency has no proven track record like equities, so no one can say how quickly these currencies will recover from their downturns. However, some significant cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have managed to recover from downturns in no time.  There are clear arguments on…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency or crypto or also called digital currency, is entirely digital cash that can be utilized to purchase goods, services, and products. It utilizes a record called an online ledger with solid cryptography to secure online exchanges and transactions. A significant part of the interest in these unregulated monetary forms is to exchange for a benefit, with speculators now…

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