Top 10 Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow for Crypto Market

Twitter has been the ultimate platform to learn, share and grow together. It is a special place with a storm of ideas, creativity, and tweets. It has everything – talk about sports, fashion, politics, technology, and also trolls and memes, of course. It has got everything, and exclusively blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are glowing on it.

On the other hand, Twitter consists of a stream of thoughts because of its users. They are the boon. Twitter always has this community that posts trustable trending and relevant blockchain and cryptocurrency information – which is all the world wants to know. Tweets on these two spaces suggest how better the world could be by implementing blockchain and cryptocurrency.

To those new to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, here is the list of the best people you need to follow to stay updated on the trending topics related to crypto and blockchain.

Anthony Pompliano

One of the notable accounts to follow for crypto news is Pomp, aka Anthony Pomliano. The account almost has all the updates related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His “Week in Crypto” and “Long bitcoin, short the bankers” tweets are the most popular ones. Pomp will be seen on CNBC or Bloomberg sharing his views and takes on the market. The head of Pom investments has more than 870K followers.


The name tells it all! If you are looking for a pure crypto site that almost revolves around Bitcoin and the latest cryptocurrency, Bitcoinist is the right one. Bitcoinist also talks about blockchain technology and the industry. It has all the necessary information that crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are looking for!

Brian Armstrong

Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, is one of the well-known crypto entrepreneurs. He is known for sharing motivational life lessons and advice that are learned through his journey at Coinbase. He helped with the rapid growth of the company’s ecosystem. His tweets are really inspiring to the amateurs and upcoming crypto enthusiasts. Brian’s Twitter followers list has crossed 650K.


Here you go! CoinDesk is one of the leading cryptocurrency media accounts on Twitter. It talks about blockchain, crypto, and the current scenarios in the crypto market. It has tremendously grown bigger that almost 1.5M people are always looking for its tweets. It fills the readers with authenticated news on the entire crypto ecosystem. CoinDesk can also tell you better if you want to know the rise and fall of various cryptocurrencies.


The transparent and authentic news related to cryptocurrency and the distributed ledger technology can be found on CryptoSlate. It is brought significant recognition in the industry producing qualitative information to its followers.

It covers a wide range of information related to ICOs and crypto events.


It has the latest news related to Finance: from Bitcoin to blockchain to Fintech and stock materials. If you are interested in knowing about the DLT industry or get an overview of the crypto community, go for Coinspeaker.

Diamante Media

It is a one-stop destination to know everything about blockchain technology, the DLT industry, and cryptocurrency. In a nutshell, Diamante Media speaks about the global fintech space. You will find authentic news, the latest blogs, and other industry’s happenings on the account. Apart from reading, you can enhance your knowledge regarding the blockchain and crypto community.

Jill Carlson

Being an advisor to multiple high-profile crypto companies, Jill Carlson co-founded the Open Money Initiative. It is a non-profit organization that conducts research and builds technology to develop free and open financial systems. Jill Carlson advises on cryptocurrency startups, commercial strategies and provides strategic guidance on cryptocurrencies. She talks about the fast-growing investment opportunities and interests in the cryptocurrency world.

Meltem Demirors

Meltem is well-known in the CryptoTwitter space. She is the Benevolent Mischief-maker and CSO of CoinShares. She was the VP of development at Digital Currency Group, where she handled a portfolio of 110 cryptocurrencies and companies. She also made the Forbes Ledger 40 under 40 list for people to watch in crypto. As Meltem talks about Bitcoin and the crypto space, nearly 180K+ Twitter followers hear her out.

Spencer Noon

Spencer Noon is a famous personality on the CryptoTwitter platform. He is an investor who deep dives into meaningful conversations related to crypto. He has always been around the BTCity and led several crypto investments at the DTC Capital. He has enormous followers base on Twitter that gets inspired by his crypto tweets and exciting ideas around BTC.

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